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READ: Andy Criss Runner-Up in Script Pipeline Contest

Our very own Andy Criss was named as one of two Runner-Ups for Script Pipeline’s 9th Great Movie Idea Contest! Out of over 500 entries, the contest selects only one winner and two runner-ups. As a runner-up, Andy will receive additional development assistance from Script Pipeline as he completes the script for The SomaliA huge congratulations to Andy!

Script Pipeline provides valuable support and assistance to up-and-coming writers for film and television, developing new voices and connecting them with top producers, agents and managers. The company provides various resources, including a number of contests, that help provide visibility for new writers and put them in touch with influential executives.

Script Pipeline’s Great Movie Idea Contest seeks out “original, innovative material. Ideally, groundbreaking film concepts that are both marketable and fresh–something a global audience can connect with.”

Click here to read the announcement from Script Pipeline, and congrats again to Andy!