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Arian Moayed

  • Partner

Arian Moayed is a co-founder of Waterwell, arts educator and an award winning writer/director for TV.

With Waterwell Films, he has written and directed, The Accidental Wolf, a streaming online series starring Kelli O’Hara, Laurie Metcalf, Denis O’Hare and a cast of over 50 Tony nominations on it’s own platform, He just finished shooting Season 2. 

As an actor, Mr. Moayed recently starred in the Tony winning The Humans. In the same season, Mr. Moayed won an Obie Award for Performance in the Best New American Play, Guards at the Taj with Omar Metwally. He was nominated for a Tony award for Joseph’s Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo opposite Robin Williams.

As the Co-Founder of Waterwell, he has helped devise over a dozen original productions including most recently a dual-language Hamlet (played the title roll) and remounting a forgotten war musical called Blueprint Specials, produced on board of the Intrepid with a cast of veterans.

With Waterwell Drama Program, Mr. Moayed helps administers public school arts programming with hundreds of students in New York City giving high quality theater and citizenship training free of charge.