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In Development

The Accidental Wolf (Series)

A desperate woman’s hunt for a stranger half a world away.


The Somali (Feature Film)

A band of New Orleans teens threaten to flood the Gulf Coast with crude oil from a hijacked tanker.


This Island Made Me (Feature Film)

As an immigrant family clashes over cultural barriers and endless setbacks, an eleven-year old boy dreams of bringing them together to hear him sing in the holiday concert. All he has to do…is get them there.


Switch (TV Series)

To save his family, he saves us all.

Iranian nuclear engineer Amir Rostam has a priceless secret, a technology that will change the world. He has a frustrated wife, who loves him less everyday. He has two young children, who will grow up with less than he had. And he has one simple goal: trade this secret for a better life. Cash in and start over.

Switch is a story about truth and who controls it. Personal, international, domestic relationships are all packaged, filtered and bent in this series. Switching between versions of the truth, perception and reality is the undercurrent of the series.


Bulls & Bears (TV Series)

What goes up must come down.

The boom and bust of markets and political power are driven and  ridden by the financiers, frauds and freedmen in post-Civil War Manhattan.

Bulls & Bears is a dramatic series that follows Jay Gould, a small-time stockbroker who rises from obscurity to control one of the largest railroad empires in the country. But as he climbs higher and higher in the worlds of business and finance, the gap between his bootstrapped version of the American Dream and the realities faced by New York’s poor, women and African-Americans – many of them recently freed slaves – grows wider and wider. The series explore the dynamics at play in the country’s biggest city during the era of Reconstruction: America’s second founding.

  • Created by Tom Ridgely


Star People (TV Series)

F*cking non-believers.

For the past six months a group of UFO conspiracy theorists, weirdos and believers have been attending a weekly addiction meeting to help ease their outer body extraterrestrial beliefs. The group therapy aspect of it seemed to be working just fine until one starry night when the unimaginable happens: an innocent yet suspicious young woman is abducted just as a couple missing since 1983 suddenly appears.

The group of six UFO believers are the prime suspects in the case, only to reveal the otherworldly connection between their current predicament and the unsolved missing persons case from 1983. Yeah…we’re talking about aliens.